Wellington Community Pool in Manassas, VA


The Wellington Community Pool is a popular recreational facility in Manassas, Virginia. It serves as a central hub for aquatic activities in the Wellington neighborhood and offers a range of amenities and programs suitable for individuals and families. Learn more here.

Facilities and Features

The pool complex features a large, well-maintained swimming pool with designated areas for lap swimming, leisure swimming, and a separate wading pool for children. There is also a water slide, a favorite among younger visitors. The pool area is surrounded by a spacious deck with plenty of seating options, including lounge chairs and shaded areas for those looking to relax away from the sun. Learn more about The Manassas Museum in Manassas, VA.

Programs and Activities

Wellington Community Pool offers a variety of programs designed to cater to different age groups and skill levels. Swimming lessons are available for children and adults, focusing on building water safety and swimming proficiency. Additionally, the pool hosts water aerobics classes, which provide a fun and effective way to stay fit. The pool organizes special events during the summer, such as family swim nights and themed parties.

Membership and Access

Access to the Wellington Community Pool is available through seasonal memberships. Memberships are reasonably priced and offer unlimited access during the pool’s operating season, typically from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Day passes are also available for non-members who wish to enjoy the pool on a one-time basis.