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Security Access Solutions is a locally-owned and operated security company. We provide a wide range of services for businesses and commercial clients throughout the Roanoke, Richmond, and Lynchburg, VA area. With our years of experience, we are able to set up a customized solution for your business to keep it safe and secure. Whether you need a problem fixed, or you want to upgrade your current system, or install a brand new one, we can help.

Security Cameras, Fire Alarms, and Access Control

Our teams have the know-how and high-quality products to provide the latest solutions for all kinds of commercial security needs. If you need whole-property security, our high-resolution security cameras and reliable alarm systems will give you peace of mind. Updated intercoms make for a better user experience. Upgraded fire alarm systems, that have heat detection, protect your building and patrons. We also offer smart solutions like water-usage monitoring & shut off in the event of leaks, motion-activated lights, and remote alerts.


Monitoring Options

When an alarm goes off or a detector is triggered, it is important that the right people know about it right away. We offer remote monitoring alerts that notify you on your phone or other smart device. You’ll be able to check for false alarms, know when there is activity in a section of your property, and other notifications. We also offer monitoring from our in-house team. They monitor your facility all day, year round. When a problem arises, they contact the local authorities and send help ASAP. For an affordable, no-contract monthly fee, you can have extra peace of mind by having our team watch over your property.

No matter how large your property, building, or facility is, we can help. We install and maintain security systems, access control systems, and fire alarms for every size of commercial property. We have the tools, training, and equipment to keep your building up-to-date with the latest requirements and technology.

Reach out to schedule a free estimate. We’ll go over how many security cameras you want, what kind of access control needs you have, and any other concerns. With our free, no-obligation estimate, you’ll have an accurate idea of pricing before the project even begins!

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Solutions for All Kinds of Commercial Properties

Commercial Businesses

Commercial buildings can benefit from all kinds of safety and security solutions. We offer fire alarm and security systems, silent alarm buttons, glass-break alarms, remote monitoring, high-quality surveillance cameras, a variety of access control options, and smart automation. Whatever your business needs, we are happy to provide a customized security design just for you.

Apartment Buildings

We offer upgraded intercoms with video capability and clear, high-resolution voice quality. Our access control systems also include key fob systems, help improve ease of access while reducing the need to change out locks between tenants. Our fire alarm and security system upgrades will improve security and value for your tenants as well.

Hotels and Inns

Improve your security and access control systems with our high-quality and reliable upgrades. From key card and RFID systems, to improved fire detection and prevention, we can help. Reliable systems that don’t prevent entrance by approved guests or prompt false alarms are important for happy customers. We offer a wide range of the highest-quality security systems.

Storage Unit Facilities

It is important for your customers to feel like their belongings are in a safe, secure environment when they are in your storage facility. With our security cameras that offer high-resolution, and night vision cameras, motion-activated lighting, and secure access solutions, you and your customers will feel confident that their items are safe.