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Security Access Solutions is a leading security and alarm system installer in Virginia. We have decades of experience providing high-tech solutions that are easy for clients to use. When you want peace of mind, our comprehensive and reliable systems are there. In addition, our professional in-house monitoring team is based right here in the United States, and can keep an eye on your property 24/7.

Services for Every Facility

Our team has experience installing and repairing security cameras for all sizes and types of buildings. We work on both residential and commercial facilities. We also provide surveillance cameras for rental properties, farms, and other unique situations. If you have an unusual case, and you want the best solutions, call us! We will be happy to provide a consultation and quote to secure your property with all the various security elements you may need. Our services include video doorbells, home automation, remote monitoring, and fire alarms.

Video Surveillance and Alarm Verification

Video Surveillance: Our high-quality CCTV systems help you view and record events happening in multiple areas of your facility. By recording and storing footage, security cameras can provide a valuable audit tool. You can check activity from any time and review incidents immediately. We offer both daytime and nighttime cameras, wired and wireless systems to suit your needs.

Visual Alarm Verification: When suspicious activity is noted and an alarm is triggered, you can remotely check what caused it by using our smartphone and tablet software. You will be notified and able to visually check what caused the alarm to go off. Being able to remotely monitor your system like this will help you feel confident that you can keep an eye on your facility no matter where you are.

In-House Monitoring: Security Access Solutions has our own in-house team of security monitors that watch over our clients’ homes and businesses. We are proud to have a 100% US based monitoring team. Our affordable and professional monitoring service ensures that no suspicious activity goes unnoticed. Combined with intrusion alarms, heat detectors, and security cameras, you will be confident that your facilities are well-protected.

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Types of Security Cameras

Wireless or Hard-Wired Systems

We offer both wired and wireless security systems depending on the client’s preferences and needs. Wireless systems are a great option for a technologically advanced and customizable system. There are no masses of wires or cables running through your house with wireless technology!
Our hard-wired surveillance systems are the best option for a more traditional home security system. These systems are wired-in to directly communicate with your control panel and sensors around your home.

Indoor & Outdoor Surveillance

Video surveillance can be used to monitor your property inside and out. Your security camera can come with a number of features. For instance, outdoor cameras can be outfitted with night vision capabilities to help identify activity even in low light levels. We offer a variety of recording and remote viewing options for your best home security system setup. When you need to know what’s happening, outdoor and indoor cameras are the best option.

Remote Access Control

Restricting access to your property, and easily keeping tabs on who is approaching, is easy with a high-quality access control system. By pairing a video surveillance system with access control technology, we can offer clients a complete view of activity in and around their facility. Access control systems with gate and door keypads are a great way to monitor comings and goings and make sure only approved people have access. We can install a system compatible with any door or gate on your property!

Camera Upgrades

If you have an existing security camera system, but want to upgrade it to the latest technology, our team is happy to provide a quote. With modern upgrades like motion sensing, high-resolution low-light cameras, and improved video quality, security cameras have come a long way in the last decade. Our high-quality residential and commercial surveillance cameras will provide clear footage so you can easily monitor your facilities.