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Security Access Solutions is a security company with decades of experience in the industry. We use the highest-quality cameras, CCTV systems, and lights so that you can always be confident your security system will be there when you need it most. Our wide range of options allows us to configure a system for our clients that will work for their unique situation. We work in Lynchburg, Roanoke, Richmond and the surrounding areas.

Security Camera Options

Rural properties usually benefit from a few different camera features. The first is long-range cameras. These high definition cameras can monitor large swaths of land and provide key detail even from a hundred feet away. Solar-powered surveillance cameras are ideal because they don’t require wiring to stay powered. They are also more flexible, able to be moved from location to location. In areas without reliable internet, 4G or cellular cameras are the perfect choice. Our cameras are also weatherproof, designed to resist dirt, dust, and water. Robust security cameras stand up to the elements, help deter crime, and allow you to monitor activity on your farm.

We also offer night-vision security cameras with infrared, cameras that identify certain types of activity, and motion activated surveillance cameras. Whatever type of security camera system you are looking to install, we have the expertise to provide advice and the high-quality equipment that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.


Recording and Monitoring Options

Knowing what is going on at your property is one of the main benefits of installing a security system. With our remote-monitoring options, you can get instant notifications when certain activity is detected. We also offer 24/7 monitoring from our in-house team of security professionals for an affordable no-contract monthly fee.

Our NVR and DVR options, high-capacity SD cards and other storage solutions allow you to store key footage for use in the future. We have a range of options and design CCTV systems that match the requirements of each unique security setup.

Our security camera systems help watch over farms, rural properties, warehouses, stables, and more. With our decades of experience installing and designing systems for both homes and businesses, we have the knowledge and training to create a system that addresses your unique needs.

We offer free estimates for all of our services. If you are looking for a home security system, upgraded gate access control options, or fire alarm updates, we can help with it all. Our teams also repair many types of existing security systems. Call us for more information and to request a free quote today!

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Types of Access Control

CCTV Systems

If you need more than just one camera, a closed-circuit system may work best for your property. In a CCTV set up, all the cameras send their data to a central recording unit. The NVR or DVR stores large amounts of digital recordings without weighing down your personal devices. When there is an event you want to save, it is easy to locate and keep the recording.

4G Cameras

Wireless internet can be unreliable in some remote locations. 4G enabled cameras use cellular service to communicate with the rest of your security systems. Perfect for a variety of rural applications, cellular cameras are one of the top choices for farm, park, and festival security because they are wireless. This makes their placement flexible with exceptionally reliable service.