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Security Access Solutions has decades of experience in the security industry. We enjoy helping customers discover high-tech, user-friendly upgrades that integrate with their busy schedule and make life easier. Home automation can be a very practical addition to your security system. Contact us to discuss the wide range of options we have for your home!

Technology Professionals

Our team has been installing systems that use the latest technology improvements and upgrades for many years. We also have experience with all kinds of older systems and look for ways to integrate existing systems with your dream setup. Our polite, professional, and skilled teams have experience in wiring all types of systems for all sizes of buildings. Whether you want an access control system that opens via RFID chip when you approach, or a smart-camera system that will alert you to activity on your property, we can do it all.


What is Home Automation?

Home automation, or smart home, solutions can allow you to remotely control systems in your home from wherever you are, program settings to run without manual oversight, and differentiate between different types of alerts. Smart homes can let you close the garage using your phone, set your lights to turn off at night, and send you an alert when a human approaches your house door, but ignore animal activity.

We offer installation, repair and upgrades for security, fire, alarm, and home automation systems throughout Lynchburg, Roanoke and Richmond. Our free estimates let you know how much a project will be before work starts. We are known for our top-tier customer service and look forward to helping you with any smart home questions you may have.

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Smart Home Features

Safety Measures

Our smart home systems allow you to set reminders to arm the system, lock your door, or close the garage door if you have forgotten. You can also set a schedule, so that at the press of a button lights dim, shades are drawn, and your system is armed for the night. Motion sensors can be utilized to flick on a light inside if motion is detected outside while you are away so the house doesn’t look unoccupied, but is not as predictable as lights on a timer.

Safety and Money Saving Alerts

Disastrous water leaks often happen at hidden parts of the plumbing system. Our water sensors track excess water usage, and can be set to send an alert and turn off the water. Leaving the lights on, or the thermostat set too high/low can cost you money. Remotely adjust them, and reduce your electric bills. Our carbon monoxide and smoke detectors also integrate with the thermostat to shut off the system to prevent the spread of fumes from first detection.

Smart Home Security

Our smart security cameras can categorize sightings between human, animal, and vehicle. This allows you to create various customized alerts and actions. If you want lights to come on as you drive up, but don’t want them turning on for every passing animal, then the lights can be programmed to turn on when the camera sends an auto alert in the system. This is just one of many ways an automated home camera system can work for you.


Set your schedule and preferences and have your system do the work for you. You can have lights turn on before you come home, adjust the thermostat, and unlock the door when you are in proximity. Instead of needing to adjust lights, temperature, window shades, and alarm system individually, you can select your preferred settings. Then, either schedule them or make it a preset mode and do it all with one tap.