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Whole-House Systems

Security Access Solutions works with homeowners and landlords in Lynchburg, Roanoke, and Richmond VA to provide security and access control systems that work for their unique situations. Our whole-house security systems include a variety of options that can be tailored to your needs. We install intercoms, motion detectors, fire alarms, and surveillance cameras. Let us know what kind of security concerns you have, and our experienced estimators will design a custom-fit solution just for you.

Surveillance Cameras

Indoor and outdoor security cameras monitor activity on your property. With night vision, high resolution, motion detection and other features, these cameras work 24/7 to record activity. We offer both hard-wired, and wireless systems. Hard-wired systems work well in rural situations and wireless systems avoid messy wires and add flexibility for camera placement. We can assess your property and provide advice on which will work best for your situation.


Monitoring Options

When a security system detects something, it will trigger an alert. We have an in-house, USA-based team that offers security and fire alarm monitoring 24/7 every day of the year, for an affordable monthly, no-contract fee. We also offer our clients remote monitoring options. These options alert your phone or other smart devices. This allows you to always keep tabs on what is happening at your home. We work with our clients to provide seamless integration with their smartphones and existing systems.

Intrusion Alarms

Using a variety of detectors, intrusion alarm systems deter trespassing and warn inhabitants. From glass-break detectors, to magnetic window alarms, to pet-friendly motion detectors, we offer intrusion alarm set-ups that work well for your house. These alarms can be remotely monitored, so that you’ll be alerted to activity even when you are away from your house. This also enables you to verify alarms and view things in real time to help prevent false alarms.

We offer free quotes with no-hassle, and no-obligation attached. Our estimator will visit your property, discuss your concerns, and provide a recommendation and quote on your perfect security setup.

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Home Security System Services


Our knowledgeable installation team has years of experience installing and designing security systems for homes and businesses in Virginia.


If you notice one of the pieces of your alarm system is not working, our team can assess the problem and provide cost-effective solutions.


Keeping your alarm system in good working order helps prevent false signals and other problems. We can replace portions of your system or repair your current system.


If your current security, fire, or access control system is no longer providing the benefits you need, ask us about options to upgrade and improve it.